The project activities that will be carried out with the support of the grant requested under the item “Project Management and Implementation‚ÄĚ are clear. We have already the principles of EU Commission for sharing the budget. We will use that share of the budget for small size education expenses. As explained in the management section, if necessary, it can be transferred to other items of the budget such as unexpected cost. We put these principles into partnership contract as well.

The activities that we will carry out with the grant under this item are listed below. We will use this share of the budget when necessary while running these activities. Besides, when we need extra budget for travel and accommodation, we will slide some part form this item of the budget.

It will be used for the expenses as:
  • Running the website;
  • Documentations;
  • Local organisations;
  • Meeting preparations;
  • Seminar and conference preparations;
  • All king of publishing like magazine, books, brochures, advertisement products;
  • Design of the Posters, Logo and brochures;
  • Local Transportations;
  • Communication;
  • Erasmus corners;
  • The materials to play in digital monitors;
  • Organisation of the workshops;
  • Digital products like DVD, Storage devices, etc.;
  • Provide books for students;
  • Printing the essays of the students;
  • Needs for the short movie;
  • Disseminating activities;
  • Distributing leaflets/ brochures.