Our Objectives are:

  • to promote the inclusion of excluded students, the ones with lack of basic skills, the risk of dropping out, with special needs by helping to promote their integration into the mainstream education and society.
  • to apply new strategies for overcoming social exclusion, lack of basic skills and the problem of early school leaving
  • to conduct new methods in the field of social and emotional child development as part of students with¬† special educational needs’ practical curriculum.
  • to create a stimulating learning environment and approaches for supporting child’s social and emotional development.
  • to make available (assured) for the teachers different methods of education and share the good practices


This project must be carried out transnationally because its topic is international so it must be work out internationally. Besides, it aims at transferring good practices. As teachers we need to compare different educational systems to work more effectively and our students need to know different cultures and improve their language and ICT skills. They will increase their level of intercultural understanding of democratic values.